Bespoke Wooden Pet Furniture

Our pets are really important to us, with many being a well established part of the family.  Treating them to wooden dog furniture which has been hand crafted right here in the UK shows them how much we care for their comfort and wellbeing, whilst also having a stylish and contemporary piece of furniture in our homes!  From handmade wooden dog crates, to raised dog beds for your pet pooch, we can craft something special for your four legged friends.

Dog crates are a popular way to help keep your dog calm and content when you need to leave them, allowing them to have a special area which is just for them.  Much as wild animals create a comfy and cosy den, a dog crate is a place your pet can relax and feel safe and secure.  Our wooden dog crates are made from solid oak or pine and look spectacular as a piece of furniture as well as a practical design for your pet.

Raised wooden dog beds are a good choice for any dog, easy to climb onto and off again and a great looking piece to have in your home.  Not being directly on the floor can help prevent drafts to help your dog feel extra cosy. Our handmade wooden dog beds allow air to flow more freely, which can help the bed to stay fresher for longer.  Simply pair with a comfy cushion or mattress for a cosy and safe snooze!