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Planed Coconut Timber 

Prime Grade Coconut Hardwood

Coconut has only recently been recognised for its commercial uses, before this it was a waste by product of the coconut fruit, generally burned as it was believed it had no uses. It is generally recognised as one of the most environmentally friendly timbers, the coconut tree reaches the end of its life at 70 years at which case it must be felled creating an abundance of potential coconut timber. With properties equal to or even better than conventional hardwoods it is fast becoming the choice of those looking to reduce their footprint on the environment.

Coconut unfortunately comes in limited sizes which really is it's only downfall. We generally stock a maximum of 150mm x 25mm sawn boards.

Colours range from a light golden tan/red to a very dark brown. Dark brown flecks are usually evident throughout. The coconut tree has no growth rings or branches meaning the timbers suffers from little in the way of imperfections.

Uses range from fine internal furniture, to exterior structural building work. Generally a very strong timber, however density can vary depending on which part of the tree the boards were taken from. 

This timber is truly unique and will not disappoint, its grain patterns really are worth seeing in person, the images don't do it justice.

Prices are per metre and will be cut into individual 1m lengths. We can offer longer/ shorter if required, please message us and we'll get back to you for a quote.

For other widths and thicknesses, please message us for a quote. 

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