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Planed Solid European Elm

Although it's one of the most attractive hardwoods native to Europe, unfortunately Elm has become quite a rare timber in recent years. 

Elm has an interlocked grain which makes it highly resistant to splitting. It is generally used for internal furniture. 

Elm is ranges in colour from lightish to mid brown with occasional greyish tones. Sapwood is well defined and lighter in colour.

Elm glues, screws and fixes well, however care must be taken when machining due to its interlocked grain.  

All timber is Kiln Dried, with a low moisture content making them ideal for all uses.

Amounts listed are per metre and will be cut in 1 metre lengths, please message us if you require longer or shorter individual lengths or bespoke sizes.

If you have any questions regarding this or any of our other products please email us.