Exterior Solid Oak Wooden Steps

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Exterior Handmade Solid Oak Wooden Steps

Exterior Solid Oak steps handmade in the UK. 
Our steps are cross braced, giving maximum stability and will arrive fully weatherproofed and ready to use out of the box. We finish our steps with high grade exterior oils giving the steps maximum protection against the elements whilst keeping the natural appearance of the timber. We treat the treads with an advanced anti slip oil which aids grip when using the steps. The grooves allow water to run naturally off the steps preventing any unwanted standing water. 
Our steps are extremely versatile, uses have ranged from, garden steps, swimming pool steps, pet steps, equestrian steps, caravan steps, Jacuzzi steps etc, can be used in almost all situations where an aid is required to reach a higher level.

Standard step sizes:
Small: 40cm
Medium: 60cm
Large: 80cm
Extra Large: 100cm

Small: 60cm
Medium- 80cm
Large- 100cm
Extra Large- 120cm

Alternative designs and sizes are available. We can manufacture the steps to all sizes so please contact us for a quote.
We also offer alternative timbers. For all bespoke options please contact info@rmwoodworking.co.uk

Please note:
All steps come completely built and ready to use out of the box. If you are buying our larger sized steps, please make sure the door in which you intend to receive them is large enough.