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Planed Solid Jelutong Timber

You are looking at high grade planed Jelutong timber. 
Jelutong is widely regarded as the choice of timber for carving and model making. 
It's lightweight, extremely stable and easy to work. Boards are generally clear of defects however you will find occasional black incisions on the timber where the extraction of latex has taken place during the trees lifespan. These are much smaller than knots and can be easily filled. 
The timber ranges in colour from a creamy white to a pale yellow, it has a consistent straight grain which varies little between boards and also has no difference in colour between the sap and heartwood.  

All timber is Kiln Dried, with a low moisture content making them ideal for all uses.

Amounts listed are per metre and will be cut in 1 metre lengths, please message us if you require longer or shorter individual lengths or bespoke sizes.

If you have any questions regarding this or any of our other products please email us.